Reasons you should find out where your clothes are made


You are ensuring no one was exploited during the making of your garment; that they are paid fairly and work in humane conditions and not a sweatshop. Transparency is everything, ask always.

Why buy organic over conventional fibers?


Convention fibers can create serious health problems for the farmers caused by the toxic chemicals they have to work with. Organic fibers mean less chemicals into our soil, water streams, oceans and it is better for your health. Conventional fibers are direct pesticides to your skin which can be harmful to anyone with sensitivities. Organic lasts longer, meaning less spending on pieces that are thrown away sooner adding to pollution buildup.

classic over trends


Chasing four different seasons every year can be stressful and hard on the wallet and It is terrifying to know how much of these poorly made seasonal buys are thrown away every year contributing to landfill pollution. Recycle, upcycle, buy vintage, buy pieces to treasure forever.

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