No.1 - What is sustainability?

Hoth & Bothered is a sustainable clothing brand committed to reducing environmental impact and promoting eco-friendly lifestyles, without compromising style. This ethos of living ethically without having to make concessions is immensely important in changing the ways in which society views sustainability, and in demonstrating how easy it can be to live eco-friendly lives.

 For many, the thought of becoming more sustainable is a positive and tempting concept, but often people are deterred by the thought of the effort involved. The word ‘sustainable’ evokes thoughts of healthy eating, remembering to recycle or walking rather than driving. However, many of the associated notions of what sustainability entails differs from the true meaning of the term. Sustainability simply means taking steps to maintain a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, with the aim of reducing the depletion of natural resources. Achieving this can be a much less daunting process than expected.

In the past decade, huge steps have been taken to help people easily transition into a more sustainable lifestyle. Many companies now promote eco-friendly products that help conserve energy and reduce air, water or noise pollution. The fashion industry has been instrumental in making many of these changes a precondition or important factor for consumers. Many different fashion brands and labels have placed exponential focus on the importance of ecological awareness. These brands take into consideration environmental and socio-economic factors whilst manufacturing their products, and their marketing campaigns have helped bring sustainability into the forefront of consumer consciousness. Global fashion is a multi billion dollar industry, and is the second most harmful industry environmentally. This illustrates just how important it is for consumers to be aware of the impact their shopping has on the environment. 

The same as breaking any habit, learning to live sustainably can take time. It’s not about how long it takes; the important thing is having the intent to self-educate and raise awareness of the detrimental impact that small lifestyle habits have on the environment we live in. Hoth & Bothered, alongside many other environmentally friendly fashion brands, produce stylish, timeless clothing that prioritise sustainable quality and eco-friendly practices over speed and high production rate. Truly ethical fashion labels place importance not only on the clothes, but on the entire consumer process. Hoth & Bothered’s shipment packaging is made from recycled materials from the box, to the postal bag, to the tissue paper and everything else that comes with. With brands like Hoth & Bothered pursuing meticulous sourcing processes, sustainable manufacturing, and fair trade garment production, the responsibility of consumers lies simply in endeavouring to pursue similar sustainable life choices. Choosing the clothing brands that thoughtfully produce with the environment and every living thing within mind can just be the beginning of a journey that helps to save the world we live in from environmental impact.

Words by Olivia Morelli and images by Debbie Trouerbach

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